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Need a Court Reporter for Court in New Mexico? Ask These 3 Questions

Court Reporter for Court in New Mexico

With hard economic times hitting New Mexico, many of the public services we take for granted, including having an official court reporter in our courts to competently handle the taking and preparation of transcripts, are a bit up in the air. Money is no longer in the budget for the official and court reporters are disappearing at an alarming rate. What is an attorney to do?


“Trattel is reliable, flexible, and efficient. Their services, including their ability to create master exhibit binders, find interpreters, and set depositions anywhere in the country, save our office valuable time and resources.”

Zackeree Kelin
Partner - Davis Kelin Law Firm

"One call, that’s all. In town, out of town, Trattel is able to arrange everything for you. All you need is a date and location... Last minute, no worries, Trattel will do everything possible set up something up. Forget a detail, major or minor, Trattel will do their best to get you what you need for your deposition. The most friendly, dependable court reporters in the state. Go Green!"

Alice Ebel
Paralegal - Dave Houliston

"Hands down the best court reporting service in town. They are always willing to help out with whatever they can. If you are in a bind, they are always there to save the day! I would definitely recommend their awesome services."

Crissy Lucero
Legal Assistant of Jeffrey Trespel

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