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Things to do When Visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque new Mexico is one of the warmest places in America, which makes it fun and adventurous to tour. It is paramount to pack light clothing when planning to tour the town. There are several means of transport to get around, mass transit is available but a rental car might be the best option to get around. With that in mind, it’s useful to know where you’re going, so we’ve compiled this list of some of the unique and fun things to do while you’re in Albuquerque. Enjoy!

Sandia Peak Tramway

Meaning watermelon, Sandia might have been named for the rounded shape and bright green colored experienced by earlier Spanish colonists. The Sandia Mountains offer a bit of a reprieve from the hot air below and makes for a great place for Skiing and hiking a few miles above sea level. The best way to experience Sandia Peak is by tramway. The longest tramway in the world, you’ll be sure to experience a little bit of a tingle from the nearly three mile high trip over canyons and breathtaking terrain. Atop the Mountain is a fabulous view of the outlying area. In the winter, skiing and snowshoeing are available. In the summer, there is hiking, biking, and volleyball available. The tram is open 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. except Tuesdays (5 p.m. – 8 p.m.) for about $20.00. Well worth the price.

Rainbow Ryders

You have to do this. Albuquerque is the hot air balloon capital of the world. Albuquerque is the home of the Balloon Fiesta in early October, visitors marvel over the incredible sight of hundreds of hot air balloons speckling the beautiful sky. Known for their many years of service and safety, Rainbow Ryders will take you on a trip you’ll be talking about for years to come. As you would expect, it’s not a cheap thing to do, but is a priceless experience taken care of by thoughtful skilled professional who will ensure a fantastic time.

Rio Grande Zoo

Big attraction on a relatively small scale is how I’d regard this particular zoo. The somewhat quaint atmosphere allows for a lot to see up close in a really intimate setting. Many visitors regard this zoo as one of the best in the country. Over 200 species of animals, live concert events, eateries, and workshops are some of the features you’ll find. The prices average around $7.00 per adult so it’s easy to make it a cheap outing. Animals are more “alive” during the cooler early day and feeding takes place early so get an early start and you’ll have a roaring good time. A part of the ABQ BioPark, you can make your way around other venues for one low price of $12.00.

Albuquerque Aquarium

I mentioned it once and I’ll mention it again. Albuquerque is not known for being the most walk able big city. To avoid running all over town, it would be best advised to group a few sights that are close to one another in one day. A great opportunity to do so is at the ABQ BioPark. Here’s where you’ll find the Zoo, Aquarium, botanical garden, and Tingley beach. The park is open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. A great place for the whole family, the aquarium offers more fish than you can shake a rod at with a huge shark tank, countless numbers of aquatic life, and regular fun events. Much like the zoo, the aquarium won’t take long to traverse. So, know that you can pack a good amount into your day. While you’re there make sure to check out the penguin exhibit.

Botanic Garden

Aside from Tingley beach (free), you need to stop by the botanical garden on your visit to the ABQ BioPark. The garden featuring 36 acres of gardens, a butterfly pavilion, a Japanese garden, a cool railroad garden, concerts, and events. You’ll be captivated at the wide and beautiful collection of botanical treats along one of the many specially manicured walk ways. There is plenty to keep the little ones busy with camp and classes as well as a Children’s Fantasy Garden. Eight miles outside the city, The Botanical Gardens and ABQ BioPark is the way to go to get the coolest stuff done in one day.

Old Town

When they say old, they mean it. Founded over 300 years ago, this great part of Albuquerque is steeped in history and heritage. More than 100 shops, galleries, and restaurants make up this new meets old community in this bustling and fun part of town. Only a short walk away, you’ll be at the ABQ BioPark. However, within a stone’s throw, you’ll find such treasures as The Rattlesnake Museum, Turquoise Museum, Explora, Museum of Natural History and Science, as well as many other inviting and interesting options.

Jeep Tours

You just have to do this. Up close and personal is the name of this game. Rolling over the rugged terrain in a car with roll bars and air condition you’ll find some interesting sights. As animals scurry out of your path to mesas and other relics and ruins, you’ll agree New Mexico is “the land of magic.” The tours are year round but you should call ahead. The tours are three hours or more and start at about $100.00 per guest. Spend the money. You are guaranteed a memorable, informative, and fun experience.

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